Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Un-Shiney business !!!

Team India lost in T-20 world cricket. It was a pathetic loss for someone who was one amongst the favs for winning the title. And they got it back, The hatred. Huge amount of it.. from fans, from we - the people.. Even after admitting a mistake about some wrong decisions on ground and apologizing for them, Dhoni was booed by audience after the presentation speech. His effigies were burnt, blackened back in Ranchi. The anger was so natural.
Lately another news hit the page-3. It was about Bollywood's talented actor Shiney Ahuja's unkind act of raping his house maid. He initially denied it saying it was mutual, later accepted it and the case is going on. As long as my mind and understanding reaches, rape must be at least a zillion times more worse the crime than some team losing in some game. But no poster burning, booing or condemning reactions by public or celebrities or movie stars came in news. Not yet. The same happened when Sanjay Dutt declared guilty and was in jail. There were hardly any reactions from Bollywood against him. In fact there was a visible competition among the stars to describe how innocent their Sanju baba is. This strong support (?) by people and celebrities and political world almost won him the post of MP. But thanks to Election committee and court from not that letting happen. But the point is we are tending to forget what the REAL crime is. If losing in some game is a serious crime then in what rank do the rape case, participation in anti-national activities, supporting terrorists for blasts etc fit? Isn't it a common sense to understand them as crime? (though common sense is not common.). Then what are we doing about it? Why there are no reactions? We need to wake up guys. How many rape incidents are required for tight law against rape. (As per current law, it's a victim's (girl's) responsibility to prove the rape actually took place. Shouldn't it be other way?).. And to extend it little further, (though not related to this topic directly in particular, but they share the one very fact... Ignorance by AAM JUNTA), how many more attacks on parliament are required for Afzal Guru to be hanged? How close are we with hanging Kasab or we still need a bunch of 26/11 incidents? How many farmers are still should commit suicide before they actually get a useful and practical package against their loans?
The list is huggggge and longgggg though, unfortunately, we alwyas think it ends at the ground of cricket :(


  1. Ya for once I fully agree with what u say..but arent we doing onething everytiem.w.e sit here and crib on blogs..socially is there anything u can do about it?

  2. Pls dont think am trying to hide behind my geographical status, but had been in India, I'd hv defintily done something or would have joined some group who is already doing it. (Have already done this a lot when I was back in India which probably answers why didn't write blogs then :) ) But since I am miles away, am expressing the concerns over the blog. Still better than doing nothing, right?