Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Un-Shiney business !!!

Team India lost in T-20 world cricket. It was a pathetic loss for someone who was one amongst the favs for winning the title. And they got it back, The hatred. Huge amount of it.. from fans, from we - the people.. Even after admitting a mistake about some wrong decisions on ground and apologizing for them, Dhoni was booed by audience after the presentation speech. His effigies were burnt, blackened back in Ranchi. The anger was so natural.
Lately another news hit the page-3. It was about Bollywood's talented actor Shiney Ahuja's unkind act of raping his house maid. He initially denied it saying it was mutual, later accepted it and the case is going on. As long as my mind and understanding reaches, rape must be at least a zillion times more worse the crime than some team losing in some game. But no poster burning, booing or condemning reactions by public or celebrities or movie stars came in news. Not yet. The same happened when Sanjay Dutt declared guilty and was in jail. There were hardly any reactions from Bollywood against him. In fact there was a visible competition among the stars to describe how innocent their Sanju baba is. This strong support (?) by people and celebrities and political world almost won him the post of MP. But thanks to Election committee and court from not that letting happen. But the point is we are tending to forget what the REAL crime is. If losing in some game is a serious crime then in what rank do the rape case, participation in anti-national activities, supporting terrorists for blasts etc fit? Isn't it a common sense to understand them as crime? (though common sense is not common.). Then what are we doing about it? Why there are no reactions? We need to wake up guys. How many rape incidents are required for tight law against rape. (As per current law, it's a victim's (girl's) responsibility to prove the rape actually took place. Shouldn't it be other way?).. And to extend it little further, (though not related to this topic directly in particular, but they share the one very fact... Ignorance by AAM JUNTA), how many more attacks on parliament are required for Afzal Guru to be hanged? How close are we with hanging Kasab or we still need a bunch of 26/11 incidents? How many farmers are still should commit suicide before they actually get a useful and practical package against their loans?
The list is huggggge and longgggg though, unfortunately, we alwyas think it ends at the ground of cricket :(

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Process of creating a good citizen !!

Let me throw a simple (looking but not yet simple) question at you. What is the process of creating a good citizen? Or let's make it little more simpler. How can you assure that people follow the rules. I mean every person should follow every rule. How can this be achieved? Like people will drive at adequate speeds, don't give (and of course don't have to give) bribes, how there won't be any hit and runs, how everyone eligible person votes during elections, how can there be no theft, burglary, bomb blasts, communal or any kind of riots? Looks like I'm expecting an ideal world or looking for a Ram-Rajya? May be..
Ok... I've a small idea. Ok but it's not tested nor verified or no history or survey records (at least that I know of) prove it effective. But it's just an idea. Another question before we go to idea part. How and why people dare to break rules or go ahead and do crimes? Simple because they know they can get out of it very easily by bribing or finding the loopholes in the law. Or even if they can't do it successfully, they are just going to get some very small punishment like few thousands of rupees of fine or few months in the jail. I recently read/heard somewhere that even hit n run case can put you behind the bars just for ~2 years. Commmme on guys. Hit n run is a kind of unplanned murder. Don't think so? Thus people don't have enough respect for law and order coz there is no fear of strict and rigourous punishments or heavy fines attached to it. Simple example. What is an average % ge of voting for parliament election? Am not very sure but definitely less than 60%. So 40% of eligible voters don't vote. (which is not correct though it's not a crime as such). Now comes the idea. What if these defaulters are charged per head fine of Rs 10,000 for not voting ? I know it's sounds cruel and unrealistic or may be impractical. But give an another thought.
Thus let's transfer our foucus to actual crimes. What if the crimes like muder/rape or even theft or destroying of pubic propery are to be followed with 900 lacs of rupees of fine and 89 years of jail. You know I'm picking some random numbers but I want to stress my point that the sum and the number of years behind the bars should be terribly high. And when I say terribly, I mean it. The defaulters should have a terror or fear about the punishment they are going to get if found guilty.
Let's turn focus towards little lighter side of it. Take simple examples like jumping on signal, not wearing helmet, enterting thru wrong side on one way. What if the person caught in any of these has to pay a fine of 15,000 Rs and/or 2 years in the jail. I request you not to close the webpage. Please read.
Ok. Now the heavier side of it. Why the number of terrorists activities like bom blasts etc are increased severely in last 10+ years. Because terrorists, naxalites etc know that even if they get caught nothing is gonna happen to them. They will be kep safe in custody and the case will run for 2 years against them and they will be plead innocent or will be sent to prison hardly for couple of years. Guys, all these unlawful activities are not going to stop unless and until the fear created in the defaulters' mind that severe punishment is followed if found gulity in such cases.
And another thing immediately needed to do is no human activists angle will be applicable to anyone who found guilty in any kind of terror act.
I know I'm sounding very rough and cruel but that's need to be done, guys. Believe me. I'm not supporting any kinda barbarism here. If you still think so, please read the whole thing again and give it a another thought.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

9 + 2 months !!

I'm not Aamir Khan or Amitabh Bachchan (I know you know that, but please let me complete) that I can put about my hoilday schedules, upcoming attractions, shooting dates, taunting and fighting with co-stars or politicians, rejection of doctorate by an Australian University etc etc etc on my blog. So what's today? today's topic is being happy about something. I donno why you are (or are not) happy for. But am very happy. Rather painfully happy. I'll first explain why am happy and painful factor will follow later. 
Aaditey, my son turned 2 months today. Isn't that sweet? :D And I obviously revisited the whole timespan of last 8-10 months in my and Anuja's life. The troublesome first trimester for Anuja, she going to India by end of 2nd trimester, my extreme surprise visit to India for Aaditey's birth, my heavenly 3 weeks stay in India, Aaditey's first month completion..... and now 2nd one too :) .. I experienced the meaning of most used and heard term "Time flies !!!"

And now comes the painful part of missing him watching growing ,smiling, crying, nodding. Miss you dear.. come here .. fast.. quick.. soon... Dont wanna watch u in snaps and videos anymore :(

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogggiggling !!!

Thanks to very close friend of mine who inspired me to write this very blog.. He did read first few writings and replied me saying "read your articles, they are nice". (My wife actualy criticised it. She said these are nice but I know you write better. Donno it was a compliments or she was frustrated reading my dumb blogs :P .. But if she really meant it then degree of my love towards her has rose by few levels at least and I'm glad to know that people at least think that I write better (than this) ;) )

Ok. Back to original idea... Are these articles? No. they are not. This is blog. What is blog? I haven't checked a (web)dictionary meaning of it but to me it is just putting down of a radom, scattered thoughts on the paper or rather e-paper. It's quite similar to a personal diary you write except it's not diary and it's not personal :)
Ok, it's kinda e-diary but open for all.. nothing personal about it :) .. Anyone and everyone who can not peep into your life or rather you don't want them to peep into yours, can peep into your blog and read it to know you as in your day, your thoughts, any special (or not-so-special) happenings in your life. And since it's a ergodic thought grabbing process it becomes more like an ECG report. Some symbols and unknown things the reader read and may or may not understand but then they are a lot than meaningful for a blogger. That's why you may not find quality writing in (my) blogs.. But it's fun for me.. It's feeling of peeling off. opening up... Thus now upto you whether you wanna read further blogs of mine. !!!

Weekend review...

Welcome to bright sunny monday morning.. So howz your start of the week is shaping up? And how was weekend? Mine was a fun weekend.. ideal weekend, dream weekend... Not like I did some partying or night outs or disc or NYC roaming.. Actually these all too fall under ideal weekend category.. But they are close-to-ideal one. Ideal weekend was this one. It was rocking.......... ly lazy.. I did literally nothing, slept less, had some cereals and dosas as lunch and dinner (for both days) and main part comes now, ate 7 whole movies.. And luckily they all were amazing. Of course it was not an accident. I picked the best movies to watch for this weekend. It was amix-n-match. 4 Hollywood, 2 hindi (BTW, I hate the word Bollywood. Indian/hindi film industry has got its separate identity and it's not a me-too product of Hollywood) and 1 regional (Marathi)..

I know this time too I could not keep my promise of writing about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. :( . I'll definitely do it in a week or so. Know what? it's too much of writing if I start writing on it.. But worth giving a try.. what say?