Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shall we call this draft, "friends" ? or may be not.. ! Let's call it "FriendSdneirF"

So am back :) clap clap clap.. (Pls clap) I myself never thought that I'll come back so soon to entertain (or bore waddever) you guys with my next draft. Funny isn't it? Am back on public demand.. as in couple of guys at work for whom I bought a lunch and other fews who are just encouraging me in the fade hope that I'll write at least a little better this time.. Alas.. am sorry guys.. to turn you down.. Am writing coz just I want to :) Or may be it's like if you eat pizza first time you want to eat it again and again and again. So replace pizza with blog here. Of course don't eat it.. read it :)

'08, last year, was the year of friends for me.. Donno what kind of planets did gather in the friendship house of my horoscope (I heard they say it like that.. leave it if you dont believe horoscops coz that's not the topic for today :) ) A happening year for me friends wise.. I got many many new. Few original, many thru other friends.. most of them were friends' friends.. Many nice ones, very close, cheerfuls, helpfuls, naughty, encouraging .. Many who makes you feel homely, or give that warm/comfort feeling you get when you go to your home (read your parent's home)... many showered brotherly/sisterly love which made me feel that am back into my old gang of friends or close cousins.. but wait not all of them so nice though.. But of course nice were more :D.. And due to these not-so-nice ones from a bunch, I understood the importance of nice ones :) .. so more thanks to not-so-nice pals :P
Other good thing was I could meet/talk/scrap some old friends whom I haven't met since last 6-7-8 years.. They just dropped by in this whole new country just like that as if we were destined to meet after so long :) .. superb isnt it? anyways..
When we moved here we (me n my wife) always used to think we are badly gonna miss our old friends (which we definitely miss now too) but then the intensity of that feeling got reduced lately.. may be the time or may be the new friends.. when we used to wander on the roads we used to say that all our old kool close friends should move here and we all should live in the apartments next to each other.. We even decided the places too :P funny.. Of course that was sooo quite impractical, kiddish and not-so-happening one.. but still.. And as I told, that feeling has been reducecd lately..
Tell me, can one get bored of making new friends. I do. Or I used to think I do or I'll.. Thankfully it didn't happen practically. Good that what you think or want to happen doesn't really happen in life.. Thank god for that :)

Want to stop now coz am going nowhere.. Next time I'll try to be more focused or organised (or may be not :P)

BTW, When I mentioned about all the planets gatherd in my friendship house, may be not all of them were very nice and kool.. Couple of them was cruel enough to take my friend away.. far far away... It took my dear and very close friend away from me :( For no reason.. for no damn explainable good reason.. it just took him.. Not only friend but other dear person left me too.. but... anyways..

Friday, May 29, 2009

I think this is my first blog. You'll too believe so after reading it :)

Life is not as straight and simple as one thinks.. oh crap. why do everyone starts writing about life and things when they do blogging? Is that a rule that one has to blog only about life, politics, democracy, scienece and all big jargons attached to it. No. It's not. At least not applicable to me :)

So by now every reader (if there is anyone other than me) might have understood that this is my first blog in my entire life of 22 years (or 25 years or 32 years.. oops damn..) and one can so sense the amateurity and immaturity of my writting. Even if they don't they must be now, after reading my so statement. So let's NOT talk life and politics on this very place. Let's start what did you do today .......................... or rather what did I do today to be more appropriate (and controllable).. Started my day by getting up late and reaching late to office. Thanks to the allergy pills I'm taking which do nothing but make me pretty drowsy (than actually I am)..
Reached office little late (which is fine, thanks to govt project), grabbed couple of cookies and coffe from "Au bon pain" on the way .. fine again.. logged in to my terminal to know that today is mega-nega friday as in mega-negative Friday coz half the team is either out to training/sick leave or annual leave leaving the poor us into the big hell of a lot of tickets, requests and tonnes of unanswered emails. Goddd.. so not fine.. so not fine this is.. why me why me? why I can't be the one from the league of training guys or sick guys or annual leave guys??? No but I chose to be on the other side (as if I had choice)..
Thus half of day already passed by now. Am done with breakfast, lunch break, coffee break, other small breaks and still work is also done.. mannn am pretty efficient or may be my team is.. :).. But seriously, then i realised why I was so cribbing about the bad day in the morning itself without even realising the situation? It was not as bad as I thought.. Who just said it never does? It depends on how you look at the situation and all that crap from the so called personality development books or self-help guides? May be it never does but I found it out today. Happy? thanks. Let me continue now.
So after all these breaks and stuff and even after almost completing my first blog from office itself [I-L-NY :)] am almost ready for my coffee break. But have to complete the blog. Can't do injustice to it and to my writting potential :P
Let's talk about my weekend plan before I wind up.. So the plan is NO PLAN JUST SLEEEEEEEEP. woo hoo. I always get confused how to spend weekends. I love to sleep luv moveis too.. have got tonnes of them on my laptop. But can't balance the time between them. Work life balance you know ;) .. And thus end up watching more movies than sleeping and wait for next weekend planning to sleep more. Know what, actually I sleep more during weekedays than the weekends.. coz of these movies and chattings and all.
Anyways.. a lot to write but cant's miss the coffe break. got to go. Keep watching this place (if at all interested) for the next writing.. which is gonna be about friends... or may be about F.R.I.E.N.D.S ..