Friday, September 11, 2009

Grab the TIGER !!!

I finished "The White Tiger" and realised from one of my book-lover friend that I read it very late. Reading a book after ~16 months of its publication is called as late in book-lovers' world. May be :)

When I started it, it didn't appeal me much due to the (successful) attemt of portraying India in a grey shade. (Rather author clearly mentions that "We have two Indias. One in darkness and the other in brightness"). But then I realised it's not some fantasy or a tale the author's trying to tell. This all is just pure truth and no assumptions. Didnt the same thing people speak about Slumdog when it realased saying it's a cheap attempt to show the poverty of India on international scale. Anyways.

The best part of the book is Adiga's command on sarcasm (You'll find best of the sarcasm on page 89 in "Sir" paragraph/dialogue. Note it down.). Most of the times he (or the protagonist Balram Halwai) narrates story so beautifully and kicking and slapping one and all of indian beliefs, caste system, politics, corruption, scams, fraud politicians and police, horrible life in villages, huge distance n difference between rich n poor lifestyles. Name any spoiled affair happening in India which you actually don't want actually to happen but you know that it does, is found in this book and in the most harmless way.

Balram's journey from a a school drop-out to an entrepreneur (as he likes himself to be called as)- via driver (cant forget that)- is most discouraging/encouraging (you choose urself). It was awesome to see the way Adiga has used character of Ashok to represent the goodness in society which in turn corrupts due to minority or the lack of support.

I can talk on it as much but the more I talk I, unintentionally though, bound to open the secrets in the book spoiling the readers' interest or not wanting u to read the whole book. So to avoid that, I'll stop now and you go get up and grab this Booker prize winner tiger in your hand. :)


  1. uttam samiksha... Jivanala itkya tathste pane baghun, itka chan likhan karayla ji pratibha lagte ti "god-gift" mhantli pahije... Arvind chi.. aani tuzihi..

    Yach pustakat la ek ghatak durlakshun chalnar nahi... ti mhanje Balarm chi Aaji Kussum.. Garibi kunala kaay karayla lavel.. kiti swarthi banvel yach uttam udhaharan...

  2. thanx amit.. yes right... i miseed to mention abt kusum..

  3. Thanks for the review..the next book I am gonna read !!!