Friday, September 18, 2009

RGV Zooooom

I knew Aamir, Amitabh write blogs and I used to visit their blog sites and check for the new posts. But that was not quite regular. Once I started writting (some may say scribbling which is more appropriate and am with you, my friends) blog it started happening more regularly that I was in search of any new good/bad/worse/english/marathi/celebrity/individual blogs. Donno but it's fun to read blogs.. seriously any kind of blogs coz you get to know the different ways to express and I was amazed to see how wonderfully people can write even not being a pro. And especially while reading celebrity blogs you feel like (or you think that) you are getting to know more and more of them, their social or general views, their real off-screen personality. Not true with all the celebrity blogs though, I bet. Refer Anil Kapoor's blog on indiatimes and you'll understand. Though he is a most versatile actor hindi movie industry (don't say bollywood, pleasssssse) ever got and he is one of my favourites but he sucks in blog writing.
Ok, why so much of blah-blah about a blog-writing suddenly? Thanks to one of my friends who referred me to this blog. zoom in guys.

Welcome all Ramu (aka Ram gopal Verma) lovers (pre "RGV ki AAG") and the haters (post AAG, Agyaat, Shiva-II)

The reason for me loving this blog is as prefectly described by my friend "He writes painfully honst, mann".. True.. he writes wonderful but that is not the only reason for me to love his blog. If you love the guy who directed Shiva, Satya, Rangeela, Company, Sarkar, Kaun, Bhoot, Raat, Jungle, Darna Mana Hai, you have to visit his posts. He explains his detailed views about those films, action sequences, back ground scores and importance (and sometimes adverse effect) of it (Refer to company blog). His memories with Shiva, its action shoots, the most remembered and impacted cycle chain scene, how unrealistic and stupid to show that scene and how people still loved it, how he got compliments for that scene and how did he laugh on those people knowing it's practically impossible to do it and it's a most harmless weapon (?), how he spent hours outside movie theatres, how he watched hollywood movies 17 times just to feel the thrill of their background score, analysis of back ground score and the camera angle of JAWS and how did he use it for Shiva, his idea for making nishabd or agyaat.

Disclaimer : I'm not saying he is correct or great or am a great fan of him but as I mentioned he writes painfully honestly.

Of course few of his posts turn more towards the arrogance (do you know bigger word to describe that feeling coz arrogance is just an understatement to define his way of writing sometimes), over-confidence, or vulgarity many times. Also in many of its posts you'll read the invisible words/lines "I AM RAM GOPAL VERMA, THE MAKER OF SHIVA", "RESPECT ME", "WHATEVER I DO IS RIGHT AND IF YOU DON'T GET IT YOU'RE A MORON" (All the CAPS are intentional and not typos). And honestly, to know these feelings you really need not to read between the lines, you just need to know the english. That's all.
But despite of all this, if you'd ever loved Ramu's films this's a must read blog for you. As the name suggested he let's you to zoom thru his life as a director and in general too. Not to forget few incidents, fight sequences in blog from his college years which he in turn used while making Shiva. Below are my favourite posts in order.

Lock-up Lessons
Memories of the Cycle chain
The Biggest Thrill of My Life
The Psychological aspect of BackGround Music

So zoooooooooom in, folks..


  1. Nice observation Heramb. A critic would be a good co-career for you.

    Loved lock-up lessons...too many blog entries currently on thanks for picking ur favourites...will read those first.

  2. ha ha.. Thanks Sachin.. And on the ground of these recession analysis facts and figures (and fears) I should seriously give a thought towards your suggestion... ha ha don't worry.. i was just kidding lolz.. Thanks for those words. With Ramu's blog, it happened first time that I equally loved and hated something :)..

  3. BTW read his latest post. "A Fighter’s Mind".. It's a good one too.

  4. Chaitanya and SonalOctober 9, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    Good to see you writing in such a flow. Looks as if we are sitting and talking about the SELF PROCLAIMED great man. :)
    To add to your blog here comes a little background I heard of RGV.

    Again.. dont know the authenticity of it but intesting to know :)
    RGV was running a video cassette/cd parlor in Ameerpet near Maitrivam in Hyderabad. To his great fortune Nagarjuna happened to be in his shop for some work. He liked the work RGV done and thats where his career started.
    (many poeple do not know that Nagarjuna has helped numerous upcoming stars in Hindi and Telugu industry)

    Now comes the real part... RGV made few films in Telugu and suddenly declared he will not make a single movie in Telugu. Well.. I dont know why!!

    Anyways... just thought of sharing this so readers can know a little more about him...

    Good luck and keep blogging.

  5. Kool.. That's something new which RGV didn't mention about him in his zoom in blog :P