Monday, August 24, 2009

(Anti)-Professionalism helps!!

What is best called as following your duties or doing justice to your job. Like doing it full heartedly, giving your full dedication, attention, time and interest for 8 hours of your day (or whatever your agreement to work per day). How would you describe the same while talking about special professions like say Doctors or Lawyers? Doctor can't say I'll just work for 8 hours a day, pack off and go home. He has to rush for emergencies during odd hours and extreme lengths. Neither do the lawyer can say I'll just work for my client's case during the court hours only. (Honestly if they realy start doing so they'll be the least working brains where their income would be inversely proportional to that considering the long(est) summer vacations, general holidays and their normal working days and hours. Anyways, that's not the point for today's forum. I'll write seperately about the whole topic of court/judge/laws in India. Remind me next time. :) ) He has to work on the case details, backgrounds, minute observations, references from old cases, judgements by other judges on similar cases in history. Basically everything which will prove his client non-guilty. Now assume his client is actually a guilty, a murderer, a rapist or a robber and knowing the fact if the lawyer still fights to prove him innocent, would you still call his/her efforts as a fulfilling his duties towards profession? I guess I'm not making sense to you. Read below and then read above para again.

-Kasab demands Perfume, toothpaste & stroll outside cell : 30 Apr 2009

-Kasab demands for 'mutton biriyani' in jail : August 07 2009

-Kasab’s lawyer seeks time as Kasab demands chargesheet in Urdu : April 21st, 2009

-Kasab Demands Urdu Newspaper, Perfume in Jail : 28 Apr 2009

-Smiling Kasab demands Pakistani lawyer : April 15, 2009

Here we are speaking about some DEMANDS by the person (?) who killed hundreds of innocents and is rather demanded unanimously to be hanged. I don't care what the bunch of fools or let's call them humar rights people instead for suitability, (who, by the way, care only for terrorists and their families and easily forget the families of victims of blasts or terrorist attacks. Dont blame coz that's what I've seen them doing in India all the times), NGOs or so called experts has to comments about individual's right for justice and in this case this individual is the one who got caught live, millions of eyes saw him shooting and killing the innocents ruthlessly. Do we really need to follow the so called justice path for some one who caused this massacre? I know you are with me and you accept it but you don't want to accept it coz somewhere down in the head we have been feeded that "Let Hundred Guilty be acquitted but one innocent should not be convicted" and we run Kasab's case too assuming him innocent coz the edifice of the Indian Criminal justice administration system is based on this very fundamental maxim.
Okay. So we want to follow/respect indian law, justice, court and its procedures for running the case. Can there be some way which will ensure the criminals (real criminals/terrorist to whom millions have seen committing crime) are being punished severely while we follow his (so called) right for justice too? The immediate answer might be NO. But if we tried to explore further then YES. There might be something. Like let the lawyer of such sociopath (Mr Abdul Kazmi and Kasab in same order....just to make it clear) can pretend to run his case or actually run his case but with putting very very less or negligible efforts towards proving him innocent (which he is not actually). Like not provinding the enough (artificial) evidences or not running his case strongly thus proving him guilty. This is little out of the way or not a normal practice as such. But it's doable. I know what are you trying to say. If we just want to play this game then why the hell we have to do this farce of running the case in the first place. Exactly. That's what I am also trying to say from the beginning. We should NOT. But since a moment ago we agreed that we want to givea fair chance to Mr Kasab and we don't want any innocent to be convicted, we have to play this farce to get a satisfaction that we are resepecting the the justice system of India and also watching by our own eyes that the criminal actually get a severe punishment. So Mr. Lawyer(s), Can you please do a little injustice to your professionalism in order to get a justice for the victims of such incidents and their families (though you have not actually taken up their case)?

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  1. FOr a change i agree with u ..and would suggest wish govt could make in unofficial that please for gods sake provide them lawyers loyal enuf to india so tht we stick lil less to prove them innocent and more to bringing justice ..actually the real definition of law was to get justice both sides of jury were to striveto achieve that i think money made them loose it.