Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kala Bandar and us

I know it's been Whiiiiile since I scribbled anything in here. So pasting one of my old review/mail (call it whatever you want to) here in order just to keep this blog
alive (not lively though). It's one of my replies on yahoo groups when we were discussing about how good or bad the movie Delhi-6 is. (Now you know how old this write-up is actually)

Ok. It's my turn now.. :) I'll definitely say I LIKED the movie... Dont be surprised. I mean, after reading review by Pankaj, I might have watched it with no expectations at all and it turn out to be good for me. But then I thought again and realised that's not the reason. I really loved it. It's wonderful to see how Rakeysh Mehra has used "kala bandar" symbolically amazingly well.. He explains the same in the end...

BTW, if anyone has gone thru his interviews some 12-18 months back, he said that he spent his childhood in chandni chowk, he has got his nice memories attached with chandni chowk when he was growing young.. he loves the chandni chowk culture and he simply want to bring it to the big screen. But while showing chandni chowk culture he superbly mixed it with the indian mentality, social beliefs (and disbeliefs), communal riots (for a reason as gloomy as kala bandar ), political influences, misuse of power by police.... The list goes on and on...... !!! Two things (or scenes) in the movie i loved the most... 1st one is where they fix Bittu's marriage on the background of share mkt news.. that was awesome.... !!! and second thing is people using "kala bandar" (read "NASHIB" in our case) to hide behind for every insane thing they do.. now next time if u fail in something (i wish u dont), think twice before cursing ur bad luck. Dont we cry on our hard luck every time we fail?? Isn't it a kala bandar for us?????

I think Rakeysh Mehra has a knack of making movies little differently and he is 100% successful maintaining that style of his own with this movie too. u'll understand what am trying to say if u watch or have watched AKS... Aks is not a typical bollywood movie..
And come on guys, every movie has got its different taste. That's why delhi 6 cant be RDB even the director is the same. Note even Sholay, Lagaan are also made just once...

I agree with **** in only one thing and that is about why the heck director has taken Amitabh and Abhishek's last scene in heaven?? what is he trying to convey there ???? NO IDEA....!!!

But all in all, it was really a nice experience for me at least...

happy watching !!!


  1. good review, although I liked the movie, I was not 'impressed' by it merely because the director was 'ROM'..lead actor also made film fall flat on face...

  2. Thanks Anand. Yeah I too didnt exactly love the movie but really loved the concept of kala bandar. I love the way ROM makes the movies. Take any movie of him and you will find some out of box thinking in it.

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